Preview of Barefoot Taoist Practitioner Login

This web-based software is all in one mobile clinic in your smart phones, tablets and laptops, and you do not need to download any application to use it.
It enables practitioners of acupuncture, herbs and other alternative therapies to efficiently manage patients' data, which includes patients' profiles, diagnosis, treatment histories and more.
It simplifies the appointment scheduling and appointments tracking by sending remainder to both patient and practitioner.


Dashboard provides the summary/statistics of patient data and also a calender to keep track of your appointments

Patient case data management

Patient Management section provides the tools to add and manage patient case data , their previous history ,download/Email the case details to patients.Practitioner can view or download the history of patient in one click. It also suggests treatments in terms of points, herbs and formula for the complaints given, pulse and tongue diagnosis.


Herbs page lists the herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and their details

Herbal Formulas

Herbal Formula page lists the formulas used in Traditional Chinese Medicine including their applications, cautions, contradictions and more.


Points/Channels page lists the acupuncture points with their clinical applications, locations, cautions and more.