The foundation and framework of this software is built upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ), and it enables practitioners of acupuncture, herbs and other alternative therapies to efficiently manage patients' data, which includes patients' profiles, diagnosis, treatment histories and more. This web-based software is like a mobile clinic in your smart phones, tablets and laptops, and you do not need to download any application to use it.. Barefoot Taoists Software is created to remember and pass on the Barefoot Doctors' passion and kindness of helping others unselfishly. Acupuncturists, Herbalists and Alternative Therapists are welcome to join us and pass on this spirit in your practice.

Barefoot Taoists help you advertise on the internet and enable patients to make appointments through your online calendar. Both you and patients will receive email confirmations of appointments.

Before meeting with new patients, they will be advised to fill out New Patient Application online after they schedule their first appointments on your calendar. You will receive their signed application by email and be able to understand their medical history and chief complaint before they walk in.
You can keep track of patients’ diagnosis data, such as pulse and tongue reading, chief complaints and more. Also you can keep track of patients’ treatment history, such as points, channels, herbs, herbal formulas and more
There is a Case Sharing Forum feature through which you can learn from other practitioners and understand different perspectives and approaches in treating illness. We encourage all practitioners to share their cases and feel safe to do so because patients’ names, addresses and contact information will not be shared. It is up to you to disclosure your contact information and name
When you have a new patient, with patient's authorization, you can request for patient's medical record be transferred to you from previous practitioner.
Patients will be advised to rate your treatments on a scale of 5 stars and write comments, and this should help the public understand more about your practice and advertise your business
On your personalized home page, by default, the top five illnesses, herbs, points and herbal formulas from your practice will be displayed for your reference. You can specify the period for comparison purpose
Wherever you travel, just update your address or location and you will be found by new patients through our website which is advertised in top search engines.
As soon as you type in patient’s chief complaint, pulse and tongue reading; points, herbs and herbal formulas that match with the chief complaint, pulse and tongue reading will be automatically listed for your reference.
For points, herbs and herbal formulas you choose for a treatment, their cautions and contraindications will be listed for your reference.